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Why your wedding invitation is important...

So, let’s talk wedding stationery, and more importantly, your wedding invitation.

Why is your wedding invitation so important? Are you thinking you could knock something together on Microsoft Word and print on your works printer to save pennies? Let’s stop right there. Firstly, I hope you had permission to use your works printer, and secondly I hope you at least thought about using something thicker than your standard office paper…

But really, unless you have a background in design, putting together your wedding invites may be harder than you anticipated. There are many DIY alternatives on the market, including pre designed templates, however you cannot undervalue having a bespoke invitation designed just for you.

Your wedding invitation is the very first insight to your wedding your guests will see, and first impressions count. The quality and design of your invitation will say a lot about what they can expect from your big day. Carefully considered colours, textures and fonts will set the scene for your wedding day. Are you getting married in a stately home? In a barn? Abroad? Is your colour scheme blush pink? Or maybe powder blue? Is your wedding a summer or winter wedding? All of these questions are important, and questions I ask my couples when designing their invitations. Will it be an elegant sophisticated affair, or a huge party? The way your invitation looks can really give your guests a glimpse into your wedding day.

Your wedding invitation is also the most important invitation you will ever send, it’s certainly not a text to meet at the pub or an invite to your dogs birthday party? (If you like to send invitations for those sort of events, I like your style…) Your invitation is something you will keep as a memento of your day, something to frame or place at the front of your wedding photo album.

Don’t forget, not only does your wedding invitation include the main points, who, what, where and when, but you can advise your guests on the extra information they may need. Whether that be nearby accommodation suggestions, collecting dietary requirements from your guests or allowing food choices, dress codes, travel information plus much more!

As a stationery designer, I work closely with each of my couples to create something bespoke to them. Carefully matching colours of envelopes and paper textures, paired together and finished with ribbon, there are many ways to create an individual item that will be yours to keep and remind you of your wedding day.

Want to learn more about how I can create bespoke invites for your special day, email, I’d love to chat!

Natalie x

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