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Terms & Conditions



There is a minimum order of 20 for all save the dates & wedding invitations. There is a minimum order of 20 for all reprints, reprint costs may be higher per unit than with initial order costs subject to quantities.




Please check and re-check your proofs as I cannot be responsible for any errors beyond the point where you approve them. This includes spelling errors on the required copy/information provided by the customer. Please send all required copy using the method requested by email and please check this copy thoroughly as I will type the details as they are received. Therefore it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these are correct before they are sent to me.




I would always recommend that you print off the proofs where you can. This will help you ensure the scale is correct & all fonts can be read at an adequate size. Please note, if your screen is not colour calibrated, the colour you see on your screen may vary very slightly to the colour when printed. Mobile phones & tablets sometimes make PDF colours look different to how they should appear so please keep this in mind when viewing proofs.




Stationery turnaround is typically 2-4 weeks from approval to delivery. Please note bespoke orders are likely to take slightly longer than this depending on the complexity of the design and how many amendments and revisions are required. 





I externally print around 90% of my work using third party printing companies. I have worked closely with these companies for many years and take their advice on printing techniques and methods. When printed, there may be some variation between the same colour used to print on different materials as card stock will vary in texture and colour. 

Whilst I do my best to centralise all designs, all printers experience a small percentage of movement during the print process. Within the print industry, a tolerance of 2mm is deemed acceptable.




I reserve all creative and intellectual rights over designs and they may not be replicated. All designs created by Make Your Day are owned by me and at no point will ownership be transferred to the customer. Individual elements within designs are either owned by or licensed to myself and may not be replicated. For these reasons, I only send out low resolution proofs with our watermarks during the approval stage. Your printed designs will be of high resolution. 


For bespoke orders, I encourage examples of other work or inspiration to be shown this may include type, style or colour that you would like to be included in my designs, however I cannot and will not copy another designer’s work, so please do not ask me too. I would never knowingly offer any product or design that infringes on another company or individual's copyright.




Due to the nature of hand finished items, there may be slight differences in appearance within a batch. This includes (but is not an exclusive list) bellybands, embossing, foiling, items finished with eyelets, wax seals and items tied with ribbon or twine.




Once a design has been signed off by the customer, stationery will then be sent to print and by which point, I’m unable to remedy any mistakes within the design. However, if you have a problem with your order, please let me know as quickly as possible and I will do all I can to help. Please note reprint costs may occur.




Please note that my working hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. The enquiry, design, proofing and customer care processes are all conducted over email and we request that all communication is made in this way. I am able to arrange phone calls & zoom meetings to discuss your requirements in detail. Please note that whilst initial conversation may initiate on a social media platform, I require correspondence regarding your stationery to be sent via email. 




I may use samples of the stationery produced for you as part of my marketing. This may include being showcased on my website, social media channels, at wedding shows and with prospective customers. If you do not wish your samples to be included in any of these, please inform me prior to booking. If you do not want your samples of your design to be visible online, please tell us prior to booking and we will ensure that no personal data within your designs are shown anywhere online.

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